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Functional Game Logic with State Pipelines - F# Part 3

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In this episode we start building the basic logic for our text adventure game by constructing a logic pipeline that transforms the game world state. We cover match expressions, parameter destructuring, and a technique known as Railway-Oriented Programming.

Source code for this episode: https://gist.github.com/daviwil/3419811b3bfed172b7888efe2a0e1436


  • Data Model Review [1:53]
  • Defining a Logic Pipeline [4:38]
  • Match Expressions [10:10]
  • Defining the Move Function [14:06]
  • Parameter Destructuring [15:08]
  • Railway-Oriented Programming [19:16]
  • Defining the Result Type [20:06]
  • Defining the Bind Function [23:04]
  • Defining the Switch Function [25:13]
  • Defining a Bind Operator [36:15]
  • Handling Failure Results [38:35]