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Functional Concurrency with the Actor Model - F# Part 4

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In this episode we learn about the Actor Model and use F#'s MailboxProcessor to create a game loop for our text-based adventure game. We'll also briefly cover a few more F# features like recursive functions, computation expressions, classes and exception handling.

You can download the code for this episode at https://github.com/thedevaspect/aspect-fsharp


  • Introducing the Actor Model [00:33]
  • Introducing the MailboxProcessor [1:28]
  • Creating a MailboxProcessor [3:35]
  • Recursive Functions [4:19]
  • Computation Expressions [4:52]
  • Defining a Message Type [5:51]
  • Updating the World State [7:13]
  • Sending a Message [10:57]
  • Defining a GameEngine class [14:00]
  • Concurrent MailboxProcessors [16:31]
  • Catching Exceptions [17:38]
  • Making the Player Walk [18:09]
  • Resetting the World State [23:31]