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The Journey Continues

October 30, 2017

Friday was my last day at Microsoft. I was lucky to be hired there straight out of grad school and even luckier to continue working there for just short of 10 years. I've had the privilege of working with kind, talented people on projects to which I'm proud to have contributed.

Installing NixOS: Experiences in declarative Linux configuration

November 7, 2014

I recently learned of a Linux distribution called NixOS. Its website describes it as a "purely functional" Linux distribution. Since I'm a fan of functional programming, the concept of a functional Linux distribution intrigued me. Even though I was fairly happy with my Arch Linux install, I decided to give NixOS a shot to see if it lived up to its promise. The bottom line is that NixOS and the Nix package manager are fantastic but a few issues made me switch back to Arch temporarily until I can get them sorted out.