Entering PROCJAM 2014

This weekend a new game jam called PROCJAM begins. The goal is to create a game or tools that can generate content procedurally. I've been experimenting with Clojure, Quil, and Overtone lately, so a game with procedural world and music generation seemed to be a great project. I decided to enter this jam and enlisted my friend Alex to help me.

So what are we making?

Our plan is to develop a simple semi-roguelike, atmospheric platformer that takes a lot of inspiration from Nifflas' classic game Knytt. The plan is to have a new procedurally generated world each playthrough with music that is always unique and driven by the actions of the player. We are using the roguelike design principle of permadeath so that once you die, you must start over in a newly generated world. This is reminiscent of the recent game Rogue Legacy. Since neither of us are artists, we will be using primitive shapes for the graphics in this game. Hopefully keeping things abstract will still allow for an interesting experience.

The game is called "Kleffs," or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Randomness"

You play the role of a being named Kleff who lives in a world that is held together by musical harmony. The chaotic force Dissonance has taken important musical artifacts and scattered them around the world to throw harmony out of balance. Kleff is called to retrieve these artifacts to restore harmony and save the world from destruction. We call the game Kleffs because it seems that there are infinite Kleffs; when one dies, another rises to carry on the mission.

Can we have some more hours, please?

PROCJAM is running for a little over a week (Friday the 8th to Monday the 17th) so there is a generous amount of time to work on this project. Unfortunately both Alex and I have family obligations so we can't spend many hours coding. Our goal is to do as much as we can to create a playable prototype of the concept by the end of the jam. From there we may continue working on it to complete the game.

I will tell and show you things. Hopefully.

I will be posting short updates on Twitter this week as we work on the game. We are working on the visuals first so hopefully we will have some nice screenshots to share soon. Once we get procedural music into the game, I may post a video demonstration. The code is being developed openly and you can see what little (oh so little) we have so far at our GitHub repository.